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Synchronized finance is open

Bringing transparent governance and organizational neutrality to the adoption and evolution of the Global Synchronizer - the decentralized interoperability backbone of the Canton Network

The GSF's mission is to foster the development and growth of the Global Synchronizer in the Canton Network, and facilitate its governance.

The foundation for synchronized finance

The GSF provides transparency and member engagement in decisions made by the operators (Super Validators) of the Global Synchronizer, to ensure a reliable, fair and trusted service for the Canton Network.

About the Canton Network
The Canton Network is the first privacy-enabled interoperable blockchain network, designed for regulated, real-world assets. Blockchain applications in the Canton Network can use the Global Synchronizer to enable atomic transactions across sovereign blockchains, without sacrificing privacy or control.

Member representation
Super Validator nodes in the Global Synchronizer are entitled to vote on governance matters and changes to code and services. The GSF runs a node for its Members, and can participate in such votes.
The GSF is the point of contact for all Super Validator coordination and votes according to the direction of its Members.
A set of recommended best practices for the Super Validators will be maintained by the GSF, helping operators to hold each other accountable in the operation of the Global Synchronizer.

Managed by the Linux Foundation

By embracing open governance principles, the Global Synchronizer Foundation promotes transparency, fairness and collaboration. It creates the meeting place to nurture and responsibly evolve the regulatory-grade blockchain infrastructure unlocking the potential of interoperable, tokenized real-world assets.

Premier Members

General Members

Associate Members

Interested in joining the GSF?

Join the foundation to gain visibility and opportunities to influence the direction of the interoperability backbone for the leading L1 blockchain for regulated real-world assets.


Membership levels

Geared towards companies that want to show leadership in the only public, permissioned L1 suited for real world assets.

Suitable for startups and smaller tech or tech-adjacent companies with limited resources but an appetite to contribute.

Free tier for government organizations, regulatory bodies, nonprofits and academic institutions. Requires GSF board approval.

Splice, a Hyperledger Lab
The Global Synchronizer and its native utility token, Canton Coin, implement the tokenomics, governance and open source code, maintained in Splice. Splice enables anyone in the Canton Network to launch their own version of a synchronizer to meet their interoperability needs.

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Canton Coin: A Canton-Network-native payment application whitepaper
Canton Coin is a utility token launched as part of the Global Synchronizer. Designed to overcome enterprise adoption barriers of other networks and be compatible with an ecosystem used by regulated financial enterprises.

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Discover the Canton Network
The Global Synchronizer provides an interoperability service for applications and participants in the Canton Network. Discover the ecosystem.